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Competency Based Training for Dangerous Goods by Air

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are now in alignment with the introduction of Competency Based Training.


It is now mandatory as part of the Employers responsibility to ensure that all members of staff that are involved in the movement of dangerous goods, not only pass their government standard in their exam but they can implement what they learned into the work environment. This is called competency based training.


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Each employer must assess each employee only in the those areas relevant to their particular job function at a skill level appropriate for their job responsibilities.  Here is an example:

Employee who works in the warehouse, depending on their role may be assessed on the following

– Use of packing instructions for the products they pack

– Application of marks and labels

– Segregation of products when building Overpacks

– Marking and Labelling of an overpack

The employer must retain a copy of the assessment of the employee along with the results of their examination. The employee training record must include the following

– Individuals’ Name.

– Date the most recent training and assessment was completed.

– Description, copy /reference to the training assessment materials used to meet the training and assessment requirements.

– the name and address of the organization providing the training and assessment

– Evidence to show that personnel have been assessed as competent to perform any function for which they are responsible.


As part of the compentency based training program, you will need to define

a) The skills,  knowledge and attitudes that your employee requires to perform the dangerous goods job functions.

b) Level of proficiency that is required

c) How you can assess the employee meets the requirements of the regulations.



    This is a huge change for most of our customers, who may not have training departments or HR departments with the skills required to implement this change. At Logicom Hub® we can help your organization review the requirements for your employees and determine the level of proficiency that is required to meet the job performance standards. We can prepare assessment templates for you to use or we can get involved with assessing the staff.

    Please give us a call on 0330 912 5041 for more help and advice on implementing Competency Based Training for Dangerous Goods by Air.