Limited Quantities by Air


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8 Modules | 8 Hours plus Test |IATA Certification | Access to regulations required|
Our Limited Quantities by Air training is for employees that work in an environment where Limited Quantities are handled and prepared for shipping by Air. Successful candidates receive a certificate of competence, valid for two years, after which they must re-validate their qualification.Access to the current IATA regulations is required, this can be purchased along with the course

Course Objectives:
• Correctly prepare a consignment of limited quantities for air transportation
• Adhere to practices and standards regarding the responsibilities for the preparation and handling of limited quantities for air transportation.

Course Content:
• Law and Applicability
• Classification, Proper Shipping Names and Special Provisions
• Packaging Requirements
• Marking & Labeling requirements
• Preparing the documentation & transport documents for carriage
• Determine the handling and security requirements for transporting goods