About Logicom Hub

Our aim is to provide interactive training that builds confidence in new skills and knowledge in all attendees. We support business to stay in front of the regulations as the world of logistics and dangerous goods changes and ensure compliance is the key to controlled and effective supply chains.

We started Logicom Hub® Ltd in 2017 with customers asking us to help change the way that dangerous goods training was delivered. To move away from the traditional instructional classroom delivery into facilitative and informative way to pass regulations and develop skills and knowledge.

So along with our interactive classroom training we started to develop interactive e-learning that could be completed on-line at a learner’s own pace and speed, but still maintaining the standards of the hazmat industry.

Our team consists of a wealth of talents from within the dangerous goods industry, experienced training design and development and websites.

At Logicom Hub® we aim to provide interactive training so that learners can walk away feeling confident in the new skills and knowledge they have learnt. Our training is not built just to pass the exam but to ensure that the attendees can implement the knowledge in their workplace.

Over the last few years, we have built great business relationships and partnerships with not just customers but with integral companies in the International Logistics and Dangerous Goods to support the growth of knowledge in the industry.

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