About Logicom Hub

Our aim is to provide interactive training that builds confidence in new skills and knowledge in all attendees. We support business to stay in front of the regulations as the world of logistics and dangerous goods changes and ensure compliance is the key to controlled and effective supply chains.

We started Logicom Hub® Ltd in 2018 with customers asking us to help change the way that dangerous goods training was delivered.  We started by building our facilitative classroom training as well as developing interactive e-learning that could be completed on-line at a learner’s own pace and speed, but still maintaining the standards of the hazmat industry. In 2020 we jumped at the opportunity to work with the CAA to gain our virtual classroom approval.


Our team consists of a wealth of talents from within the dangerous goods industry, experienced training design and development and websites.


At Logicom Hub® we aim to provide interactive training so that learners can walk away feeling confident in the new skills and knowledge they have learnt. Our training is not built just to pass the exam but to ensure that the attendees can implement the knowledge in their workplace.


Sam Stretton

Sam Stretton is the Managing Director for Logicom Hub Limited. She has a background in logistics and was the Training Director for many years at a global freight forwarder.  During that time managing a training team she upskilled into training design and development. Sam spent several years travelling and training employees and settled for a few years in Australia and New Zealand manging the operations.  Sam is a qualified DGSA, CAA Instructor and Facilitator.

Joanne Circle V2

Joanne Williamson works part time for Logicom Hub.  She has a background in exports and documentation for export customs.  As well as arranging the import of goods and the administration that is involved with managing delivery times and expectations.  She is fluent in French annd German. She helps us by ensuring that learners have everything they need prior to their training event  as well as ensuring that they do not forget to rebook upon their expiry.

NIcki Watson

Nicki Watson runs her own successful virtual sssistance business called Cotswold Colleague. Nicki provides range of services for for Logicom Hub.  From ensuring that we send regular blogs, newsletters; keeping our Social media up to date with what is going on; through to helping our customers understand the solutions that we can offer them. Nicki keeps us all on our toes.


Kim Hazzard (yes that is correct) has a background in dangerous goods training and compliance for a global logistics company before starting her own business as a training professional. She is a patient, enthusiastic qualified dangerous goods faciliator for all modes of transport. She recent just passed her DGSA qualification and is looking forward to auditing.

Kim Hazard
Sue Banner is a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic training professional with a passion for people and learning.  Sue has extensive knowledge in the regulations for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by road, air and sea and experience in delivering this subject to consignors, operators, and DGSA’s both in the UK and abroad.  Sue is also a CIPD qualified trainer.
Sue Banner
John Sennett has over 35 years of experience in training and consulting for the Health and Safety of the movement of dangerous goods. John helps us with the technical side of dangerous goods from Fire Marshall and Spill kit training, through to the control and risk assessments for the storing of dangerous goods. John is a qualified DGSA and COSSH trainer.
John Sennett

John O’shea has worked at Heathrow since the mid 80’s with ground handlers, airlines and freight forwarders. John has been heavily involved in deliverying training  in the transport of all hazard classes by Air including Radioactive for many years. He is now also a qualified DGSA and is starting to upskill into the world of moving Ocean cargo.

John O'Shea

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