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DGSA - Competency Based Training - Business Partner

At Logicom Hub® we are not just a training organization. 

– We work together in harmony with our customers to provide support and updates for all manner of dangerous goods questions.

– We work in harmony with other businesses to promote great quality training of dangerous goods across the world. Becoming our business partner is easy.

Our aim is to help your business stay compliant with the regulations for all modes of transport and promote the safe transport of dangerous goods.

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There are many different ways we can support your business, offer advice and give you the peace of mind that you need to feel confident with transporting dangerous goods.

We provide the following Dangerous Goods support click + to find out more

Become part of our Team

Are you a qualified dangerous goods trainer and want to start your own business?  Or perhaps you are a training business owner and would like to extend your training portfolio.

Becoming a business partner with Logicom Hub is easy.  

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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) Annual Audit

Each business that consigns dangerous goods or is involved in the packing, loading, filling or unloading of dangerous goods are required to apoint one or more safety advisors for their organisation. 

If you are transporting dangerous goods domestically only, the UK government has an exemption in place provided certain conditions are met.

If you are transporting dangerous goods internationally, it is highly likely that you may be required to have a DGSA.

All of our team are qualified DGSA’s and have the ability to advise on all modes of transport rather than just road freight.

Click Here to find out if your company may have an exemption or whether you require a dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA)

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) 24-7

Some of our customers have a large product ranges and are shipping via multiple modes of transport. We offer a Monthly Subscription service which allows the customer to reach out at anytime.

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  • Answer customer phone calls (within 4 hours) 

  • Answer customer emails regarding dangerous goods processes (within 24 hrs)

Contact Logicom Hub for more information regarding the subscription service.

DGSA Exam Coaching

Becoming a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is not an easy task.

As part of the Scottish Qualification Award (SQA)  you will be required to complete multiple examinations in one day.

– All Classes

– Core

– Road


Along with our DGSA Training program, we offer one on one coaching support to any individual that needs additional support in passing the examinations. Or perhaps you have failed one aspect of the exams and need some additional advise.

We help you

– Review the lesser known aspects of the ADR.

– Provide assessment feedback after completion of exam example papers.

– Coaching and support on any aspect of ADR.


Contact Logicom Hub® for more information on having DGSA Coaching on the form below.

Competency Based Assessments

Starting on the 1st January 2023 for all Dangerous Goods by Air related training the employer is responsible for implementing competency based training for all staff that have passed an air examination.

What does this mean?

You must provide evidence that the skills and knowledge gained in the training can be applied to the workplace. For example if your employee generates shipper’s declarations, you need to ensure that they can apply the regulations accurately in the creation of the document in the work environment.

How can you do this?

By having an internal auditor to assess the quality of the paperwork that they produce.

How can Logicom Hub Ltd help?

There are many ways we can help support your business with this huge change for the industry.  Click Here to find out more. 

100% Club

Starting in 2023 !

For any Student that gains 100% pass mark on any of the following courses; 

– Dangerous Goods by Air

– Dangerous Goods by Sea

– Dangerous Goods by Road


Gains access to our 100% Club! What is that I hear you ask? 

– Instead of downloading your course certificate we will send you a beautifully  presented framed certificate.

– 10% Discount on your re-certification with Logicom Hub Ltd


We would love to promote your success on our social media with a photo of you holding your certificate. 

Ask an Expert

Telephone and email assistance as and when required for specific dangerous goods support.

This service lets you call our office with minor inquiries so we can guide you to the correct places for information, reinforce your understanding of procedures or answer your questions immediately for Dangerous Goods Help.

We work with other parties to support the movement of goods

International Trade Partners

We have several strategic business partners that can support the technical aspecs of moving goods. Our partners offer trade advice to accessing new business markets, supporting your business to grow your exports.  While teaching the practical elements of how to apply export and import licences and customs and excise procedures.


Strong & Herd

Essex Chamber of Commerce


ChamberCustoms delivers a customs declaration service for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes, in every region of the United Kingdom.

With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating international trade, we can take the hassle out of your hands when it comes to exporting and importing goods. 

The service is offered direct to businesses and through UK freight forwarders, ensuring that customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional costs through delays or errors. 

To find our more about this service Click ChamberCustoms

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