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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) Services

Each business that consigns dangerous goods or provides packing, loading, filling and unloading activities of dangerous goods must appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor (dgsa) for the carriage of dangerous goods by road. The dangerous goods safety advisor (dgsa) is responsible for helping to prevent risks involved with the activities of transporting dangerous goods.


In the United Kingdom the department of transport provides us with an exemption for the implementation of Dangerous Goods Safety advisors (DGSA)’s if you are only selling goods within the United Kingdom (domestic goods) and one of the following is true.

a) You are transporting those goods within the transport category limit of ADR

b) The Radioactive material falls within the parameters of ADR

b) The danger is packaged within the provisions of limited quantities of ADR 3.4

c) The danger is packaged within the provisions of excepted quantities of ADR 3.5


If you are transporting goods domestically that is outside of the list above, you are required to have a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor. If you are transporting dangerous goods outside of the United Kingdom you should have a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor in place.


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

At Logicom Hub®  all of our staff are qualified dangerous goods safety advisors as well as trainers of dangerous goods for all modes of transport. A DGSA is responsible for 3 aspects of business support

– Monitoring that the business is compliant with the current version of the regulations.

– Advising the business on the carriage of dangerous goods.

– Preparing an annual report for the management on the dangerous goods activities

We have 2 types of Services that we offer in relation to Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.

Dangerous Goods Safety Audits

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (24/7)

Everthing starts with an audit. This produces the baseline of improvement regarding dangerous goods. We ensure that during the audit, we cover all modes of transport being utilised by the business. Included in a typical audit are the following activities;

– Auditing of products and safety data sheets or UN38.3 Certificates.

– Review of existing work procedures for compliance.

– Review of company policies and procedures relating to dangerous goods.

– Review of safety and security measure that are in place.

– Assessment of the warehouse storage and layout.

– Review of shipped dangerous goods notes

– Review of the packaging material that is being used

– Review of non-conformities that have been documented.


Having an audit gives you peace of mind with your compliance with the dangerous goods regulations and helps you continually improve your processes and procedures with dangerous goods. 

Some of our customers work in the freight and logistics industry and need our support with different products being added to their inventory or with frequent questions on how to transport. We help our customers make the following decisions

a) What the danger is?

b) How it will impact their current operation and any considerations they need to be aware of.

c) Assessing the impact of returns on the business

d) How to ensure compliance with packing, marking, labelling and documentary requirements.


Having someone on hand to help the business assess their ongoing changes with regards to dangerous goods, means that you stay compliant, your staff are continually being educated regarding dangerous goods.

Need a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor?

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