Dangerous Goods by Air (CAA) - Training Courses

Every dangerous goods shipment that involves the transport of goods by Air must be handled by a qualified dangerous goods employee. Whether employees are packing, distributing, preparing the paperwork, offering the cargo to the airline, or completing airline checks and loading the cargo onto the aircraft using the IATA regulations are vital.

Our courses are led by qualified UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Facilitators and are designed to offer practical solutions for employees that transport dangerous goods by air. The courses are interactive using the IATA Dangerous goods regulations and built with sufficient flexibility that we can incorporate using attendee product examples to help manage the process of dangerous goods in the work environment.

All our Air dangerous goods training concludes with a CAA exam of which students must successfully achieve an 80% pass mark. To retain your air certification revalidation training must repeated every 2 years.

e-Learning Courses

e-Learning is distance learning which takes place across the internet. It allows you to work at your own place in your own time frame.

Classroom Courses

Classroom learning can be either across the internet or at a specific location, which are led by qualified instructors with an exam or certificate.

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