Infectious Substances & Dry Ice - Training Courses


Focus your dangerous goods training by taking the Hazard Class or Product that you deal with day to day. Here you can access interactive e-learning (online training) for 2 Topics.

1. Transport of Carbon Dioxide, solid / Dry Ice UN1845
This course is for companies and employees that are focused on shipping Carbon Dioxide, solid Class 9 with non-dangerous goods. These items must be placed in a cool or frozen environment to ensure the integrity of the item when received at the destination point. We cover why dry ice is considered dangerous, limitations, classification, and packaging, marking, labelling and consigning of a Dry Ice shipment.

2. Transport of 6.2 Infectious Substances
This course is for companies and employees that are focused on shipping infectious substances division 6.2 on their own or with dry ice to ensure the integrity of the product. We cover the for classification of Category A, Category B, Patient Specimens and Exempt Infectious Substance shipments, limitations, packaging, marking and labelling and documentary requirements.

All our air dangerous goods training concludes with a CAA exam of which students must successfully achieve an 80% pass mark. To retain your air certification revalidation training must repeated every 2 years.

Infectious Substances Training Courses

We provide the following Infectious Substances & Dry Ice courses:

Infectious Substances – In House Training 

Transporting Dry Ice – eLearning

Transporting Dry Ice – In House Training