Logicom Hub teams up with Banbury United Women

Banbury United Sponsorship

New Sponsorship deal with Banbury United Women’s Football Team

Logicom Hub has signed a sponsorship agreement with Banbury United women’s football team and will have our name and company logo displayed on the back of the players’ shirts. As with all Banbury United teams, the Club’s sponsor Banbury Plant and Skip Hire will still appear on the front.

Banbury United Board member Lisa Dixon, whose portfolio includes responsibility for the Club’s women’s team, said: “We’re delighted that Logicom Hub wishes to support our women’s team so generously. The company shares Banbury United’s commitment to supporting women’s football at the Club, and promoting it locally. We have a very committed squad – and several new players, who joined after our two open days during the summer. Logicom Hub’s partnership with us will be an added boost.”

Banbury United Club Chairman Ronnie Johnson commented: “This is great news. It helps to endorse our dedication to the women’s game, and our determination to see it flourish in the Banbury community. We are still looking for women to join our team: so if anyone fancies coming along for a trial, please contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with our women’s team manager Mark Andrews.”

Logicom Hub sponsors Banbury United Womens Football Team

Logicom Hub’s Managing Director Sam Stretton explains: “We train employees on the stringent regulations, and help businesses stay compliant, so that they avoid unforeseen incidents and the harsh penalties that could arise. We get involved in any hazard class of danger… for example, transporting explosives, radioactive materials, chemicals and batteries. To date, we haven’t included lions on that list – but, following the success of England’s Lionesses this year, we felt we should support our local women’s team!

As a youngster, I would have been part of the local football team, had there been one. I am a true believer that when minds are focused, you have the tools to do something. Anything is possible… as evidenced by the growth of women’s football – and its record-breaking attendances, and scheduling on prime-time media these days.”

For further details, contact:
• Lisa Dixon, Banbury United FC: [email protected] if you want to try out for the team.