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Every shipment of dangerous goods that moves over water is considered the transport of dangerous goods by Sea. There are two types of vessels that are covered in an International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) course.

  1. Ferries: As the United Kingdom is an island, any goods that we deliver in a truck to Europe or Northern Ireland are moving across water and must comply with IMDG.
  2. Cargo Ships: These are used for moving goods on the ocean all over the world in a multi modal freight container or a bulk container ship.

Our certification courses are led by qualified facilitators and are designed to offer practical solutions for employees that transport dangerous goods by sea.

The courses are interactive and built with sufficient flexibility that we can incorporate attendee product examples to help manage the process of dangerous goods in the work environment.

All our ocean dangerous goods training concludes with a knowledge test of which we like to see students successfully achieve an 80% pass mark. It is recommended that IMDG training is repeated every 2 years.

dangerous goods by sea traing course

We provide the following Dangerous Goods by Sea courses:

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Dangerous Goods by Sea – Classroom

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