Radioactive Materials by Air | Revalidation | 11th Nov’2022

Radioactive Materials by Air | Course Overview:

Our Radioactive Materials training is for employees that are engaged in the handling and shipping of radioactive materials Class 7 by Air. The training ensures that candidates meet the requirements of the IATA regulations.

It will provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to correctly pack, mark, label, and prepare shipments of radioactive materials.

The course concludes with a validation test. Successful candidates receive a certificate in shipping radioactive materials by Air, which is valid for two years, after which you must re-validate your qualification.

Radioactive Materials by Air | Course Objectives:
Adhere to IATA standards regarding the responsibilities and tasks of transporting radioactive materials of Class 7
Correctly prepare a consignment of dangerous goods for air transportation
Radioactive Materials by Air Course:-
Overview of the dangerous goods regulations (ICAO, IATA)
How dangerous goods regulations are monitored in the UK
Using the Dangerous Goods Regulations
State and Operator Variations
Classification, Proper shipping names, and UN numbers
Packaging Instructions
Types of Packaging and Overpacks
Different Dangerous Goods Packaged Together
Marking and Labelling
Completion of the shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods
Shipment Checking
Air Waybill completion
Emergency Procedures

Radioactive Course Schedule:

11th November 2022 – Heathrow (1 Day) 9 am – 5 pm
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