Limited Quantities by Road & Sea | e-learning

7 Modules | 8 Hours including Test |ADR & IMDG Certification | Access to regulations required
Get compliant with the ADR & IMDG regulations by completing a course that deals specifically with Limited Quantities. The certificate can be presented to government auditors, DHL, UPS or Fedex or any logistics provider to aid setting up your dangerous goods account as evidence of training.
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7 Modules / 8 Hours including Test/ADR and IMDG Certification Limited Quantities/Access to regulations required

Our Limited Quantities by Road and Sea training is for employees that work in an environment transporting any article of goods that fall under the limited quantities regime in dangerous goods. Both courses conclude with a knowledge test.

Successful candidates receive a certificate of competence, valid for two years, after which they must re-validate their qualifications.

Access to the current ADR and IMDG regulations is required, this can be purchased along with the course.


Limited Quantities by Road & Sea Course Objectives:

  • Correctly prepare a consignment of limited quantities for road and sea transportation.
  • Adhere to practices and standards regarding the responsibilities for the preparation and handling of limited quantities for road and sea transportation

Limited Quantities by Road & Sea Course Content:

  • The Regulations
  • Law and Applicability
  • The 9 Hazard Classes
  • Identification of substances in the Dangerous Goods List, Proper Shipping Names and Special Provisions
  • Packaging Requirements and limitations
  • Marking & Labelling requirements
  • Preparing the documentation & transport documents for the carriage
  • Tunnel Code and Transport Categories
  • Cargo Handling & Security